How do you take advantage of the customer’s full attention?

By Lovisa Lundin Customer Experience Manager

A while ago, I read this article about 7 survey mistakes, written by CheckMarket. The last point “Ignoring the thank-you page / last page” really caught my eye.

“A respondent just took the effort to complete your survey. Of course you want to thank them for this by writing a few words of appreciation on the thank-you page. However, do realize that you have their attention now and this is extremely precious! CheckMarket says.

CheckMarket gives different examples of what you can do in order to take advantage of this situation. Promote new product offerings, ask the customer to share their opinion on social media and encourage sign-ups for newsletters – to name a few of them. I was thinking about this for days after I read the article. This is really smart and nothing I have ever considered before. We were definitely not taking our customer’s full attention to our advantage, but instead thanked them throughout the survey. We were thanking the customer in the intro e-mail of the survey, we were thanking the customer when they started taking the survey and we thanked the customers when they had completed the survey. All those thank you, thank you thank you’s without even considering taking advantage of the customer’s full attention. This needed to be changed.

So what could we do in order to take advantage of the thank you-page? One of my division’s main objectives for this year has been to help the customers help themselves. This means that we want to steer customers into self-service such as FAQs or do it yourself via our App. It then occurred to me to add a banner on our thank-you page  which promoted our App. I reached out to our marketing department and asked them to help out in creating banners for this purpose and we immediately started to run an A/B/C-test of different banners on the thank you-page. We evaluated the banners after a month and decided to permanently add on the banner with highest click rate. And the winner was….

We still thank the customer for their time to provide us with feedback at the same time as we are taking advantage of the customer’s full attention and steer them into self-service.

So, one of my biggest learnings has been to take advantage of all chances when you have to captured the customer’s full attention. The thank you-page is definitely one of them. Make sure to not waste any more time and think about when you have your customer’s full attention and not fully using it.  You should for sure add on something to the thank you-page that would bring value for your business!