Introduction – Customer Experience – How and What?

By Lovisa Lundin Customer Experience Manager

We are constantly being fed with blog posts, webinars and articles filled with tips and tricks on how to improve the customer experience. All of them mention obvious things such as; understand who your customers are, follow the customer journey, create customer experience strategies and measure the customer experience. And the 2017 runner up of customer experience trends: How do you capture the Voice of the Customer? So, you have probably already heard how important and fundamental customer experience is for your business. You have probably also heard tons of reasons why it’s important and what you should do in order to improve the customer experience.

As a part of our job being Customer Experience Managers, is all about finding new ways of tracking, measuring and understanding the customer experience in order for our business to advance and develop while keeping our customers satisfied. We are constantly researching by reading through blog posts, articles and benchmarking our processes towards other companies within the industry in order to find out how others are doing it. Seldom, we found any answers but instead are fed with the same message “customer experience is important and here’s why” followed by a bullet point list with all the obvious reasons, which you and we probably already are aware of.

We’re not saying that those opportunities of improving Customer Experience are a waste of time, in fact we second their importance and relevance. But the question is: How do you actually pull this off?

The blog post series posted within the topic “Customer Experience” is not about giving you 7 reasons why the customer experience is critical for your business. I trust you already know this (and if you don’t, just google “Customer Experience” and you will get 62 100 000 hits of pleasant readings). This blog series is instead intended to give you all the answers of how you are actually going to pull this off. How can you measure Customer Satisfaction? What are the right and wrong questions to ask? How do you make sure you do not bias your customers? What design should you use? What about tonality and brand design? How do you know who your customers are? How do you create a customer journey? What do you do with feedback from your customers? How do you make sure everyone in the organization is listening to the Voice of the Customer?

We see, it’s obvious that you have a lot of questions and we do as well. Follow our journey in creating the smooothest customer experience ever seen, while we’re learning from mistakes, successes and share challenges. This blog post series is intended to give you a better insight in the How in What whilst answering the big question of how you are actually going to pull this off. We will guide you step by step in a variety of topics, starting in our first blog post by digging deeper into the question:

How do you measure Customer Satisfaction?

Check out the blog post here.

Until next time…
Global Customer Experience – Lovisa Lundin, Michelle de Vrijer and Julie Moore