Product updates and new features

By Albin Jansson Product Director Klarna Checkout

One global integration

We have finalized our global offer and collected all of our markets and products in one integration. This in turn ensures the platform enables sales and access to all our payment products on a global level.

Big improvements to Klarna payments

For our standalone payment methods “Klarna Payments” we are in the midst of rolling out two great features. These are the address module and the tokenization module. Using these two in combination will ensure the collection of user data and being able to offer tokenized payments.

Data sharing pre purchase

After having handled more than 80 million purchases it is safe to say we have a lot of useful data. Part of this data will be made accessible during the first quarter of next year. This is made solely for the purpose of improving the consumer experience even before the purchase. This means landing and product pages can now be tailored to fit a specific customer to create a completely personal experience. This goes for both new and returning customers.

New Online Bank Transfers soon in Klarna checkout  

The bank’s interface for making online bank transactions are in many cases clunky and not adapted for mobile devices. As a user you typically need to zoom in and out, scroll up and down and handle multiple login screens. This poor user experience is something that has bugged us for a long time but with the new PSD2 directives we can finally address the issue.

Pay now with Klarna Payments 

Now we are adding direct payments from user bank accounts to Klarna payments – our platform for standalone payment methods. The direct payments will be featured as “Pay now” and will work neatly together with the already existing credit offers listed under “Pay later”.

Klarna checkout just made card payments smoooth for real 

To further improve our card offer, card details can now be entered directly into our checkout page without the need of a redirect. Merchants will also have the option to offer users to save their card details for upcoming purchases making card payments from Klarna 1-click buy for repeat purchases, hence simpler and more convenient than all the other wallet and payment apps on the market.

Higher acceptance rate 

Our risk engine combined with our big data enable us to offer smooth user experience for the majority of all users. In some cases however, mainly when we can’t verify the user, we might not be able to offer credit. For these situations we are now enabling BankID identification which will help us extend credit to more users than before and hence increase conversion.

Added functionality to Pay now in Klarna checkout 

To further improve our prepaid offer “Pay now” we are now adding direct payments from users bank accounts to our Checkout. By adding this functionality to our already existing saved card offer we will add yet another simpler and more convenient payment alternative then existing wallet and payment apps on the market.

Pay invoices with one click 

In parallel with the launch of the new App we will add functionality to pay Klarna invoices with 1-click. This feature will improve the invoice user experience even more and making paying as easy as buying.