Product updates in the UK – June 2018

By Katy Green Product Manager

It’s important for us to keep you as informed as possible on our products. Each month, we’ll provide the low-down on new features and improvements that are rolling out to our UK merchants and users. Enjoy!

Klarna Checkout

Improved Address Module

We’re rolling out an improved address module and this ‘soft-launch’ will begin early June and ramp up in volume over the next 2 weeks.

The new address module includes:

  • New improved UX to support browser-autofill
  • Better address validation
  • Improved localization
  • GDPR ready privacy settings
  • Email suggestion where the format is recognised as incorrect

As you can see from the screenshot below, we’ve moved the Autofill Settings and Privacy Policy to a higher position in the checkout, making it visible to consumers before any call-to-action.


Multiple opt-in checkboxes for Klarna Checkout

You can now set up multiple checkboxes in Klarna Checkout to allow customers to opt-in to your various marketing activities.

Slice it now available in Klarna Checkout

Slice it in Klarna Checkout is now available in Playground. Find out more about Slice it. Don’t forget – to offer Slice it on your website you must first apply and receive your credit brokering license.

Pay later.

Dynamic Decline Flow

We’re rolling out an improved decline flow that specifies the reason for declining a user Pay later. We’re starting with merchants using Pay later standalone, (i.e not via Klarna Checkout).