Strategies for optimizing online commerce – The UK merchant’s perspective

By Sam Wright

The UK is one of the world’s most developed and dynamic retail markets with online shopping well-established, common for merchants and consumers alike.

For retailers in today’s highly competitive UK market, a strong digital presence that helps to meet consumer expectations and ultimately drive transactions is essential. Simply enabling online and mobile commerce is no longer enough; consumers now demand an improved experience that suits their rapidly shifting lifestyles and ways of interacting with retailers.

In light of these shifting market challenges, UK analyst house Ovum was commissioned by Klarna to undertake a study of 100 UK merchants, to investigate the state of online commerce and better understand how the industry perceives its own challenges in 2017 and into 2018. This study included a detailed questionnaire asking merchants about their online capabilities and perceived challenges and opportunities. The survey focused on merchants with a large online presence, and/or large-scale retailers with revenue of over £200m per year. This white paper summarises those findings.

Gilles Ubaghs, Principal Analyst in Ovum’s Financial Services Technology division will take you through the findings in the recorded webinar.

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