4 common reasons your visitors abandon their cart

By Stuart Shingler Product Marketing Manager, Klarna

High shopping-cart abandon rates are the bane of any eCommerce website owner. There are many things that can cause a shopper to abandon their cart. Sometimes the shopper was simply window-shopping and using their cart to keep track of items that interested them, never really intending to buy. In other cases, however, the abandonment was caused by a potential problem with the website. Not all is lost in this area, technology has enabled you to recover those potential shoppers if you make the right changes to your website of course. read our article on the best software to help with cart abandonment here

Here are four reasons why people often abandon their shopping carts.

1. Unexpected Costs

Unexpectedly high shipping fees can drive a lot of shoppers away, as can fees for using a specific payment method or for ‘upgrades’ that are virtually essential to make the purchase worthwhile. Be transparent about your pricing structure to avoid putting customers off at the last second.

“Be transparant about your pricing structure to avoid putting customers off at the last second.”

2. Price

Price shock is something that relates partly to the first point, but can also occur even if you are offering free shipping. A customer may add several items to their cart, then get a nasty shock when they go to the checkout and see the combined cost.

Consider helping customers to keep track of how much they are spending by displaying the item count of their cart on each page. Some retailers also display the total cost of the items. Depending on your target demographic, this may help or hinder total conversions, but it is worth experimenting with.

3. Friction

Overly long and complex checkout processes that require a user to fill out a lengthy registration form and then check their email to activate their account and log back in again are something that will drive a lot of users away. Another issue is websites that are hard to use on mobile devices or that have compatibility problems with some browsers. Test your website with as many different devices as possible, and run usability tests on desktops too. Make your checkout process as simple as possible to avoid losing visitors.

4. Safety

Safety concerns can make a visitor not just leave your website for now but forever. It is almost impossible to recover a visitor who decides that they do not think that your website is trustworthy, either because of perceived customer-service issues or because they are not confident with your credit card security. Make sure that you display warranty information clearly, do not let users recover their passwords in plain text (send them a reset link instead) and use HTTPS for accepting all payments. Display contact information clearly, and use well-known brands as much as possible, especially on the eCommerce processing side of things. These simple things will make your website appear trustworthy and give shoppers some much-needed peace of mind.

Cart abandonment is frustrating, but if you are transparent about the fees that your customers can expect and have a smooth, easy-to-use website and a simple checkout process, you should find that you retain more customers than you lose. Make it clear that security, quality and customer service are a priority for your company. Remember that anyone can build an online store, so the burden falls to you, as the retailer, to prove that you are trustworthy